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Prep, Prime and Paint
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Furniture/Bare Wood/To be Stained or Clear Coated

  1. Surface Preparation:
    • fill any gouges or splits with wood filler; let dry and sand flush
    • lightly sand the entire area to be painted with fine (#220) grit garnet paper, then dust off with clean rags
    • for maximum smoothness, dampen the wood and let dry 30 minutes prior to the final sanding step
  1. Priming:
    • priming is not done if applying a stain or clear coating
  1. Staining and-or Clear Coating:
    • if staining, apply an oil-based wiping stain (conventional or gel type) following manufacturerÕs directions; then (after an over night dry) a clear coating is normally applied
    • apply clear coating to bare wood, or to stain after over night dry; use one of these:
      • oil-type finish: apply with brush, rag or roller, then immediately wipe off excess with clean rags; apply additional coats if needed
      • polyurethane solvent based finish in satin, semigloss or gloss finish; apply with brush, foam brush, roller or spray; apply second coat according to manufacturerÕs recommendation
      • shellac: apply with brush or roller
      • acrylic latex varnish
      • water based polyurethane varnish

*IMPORTANT: immediately dispose of rags and paper soaked with oil-based material (stain, primer, paint, clear coating, etc.) by either spreading them open in a safe place to dry, or by putting into in a fireproof container with lid; otherwise they can catch fire by themselves if left wadded up

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